Ivanovo - administrative, industrial and cultural center of the Ivanovo region, located in picturesque places of the Volga River Basin of the Central federal district, at a distance of 300 km from the capital, en route Russia's Golden Ring. Ivanovo region borders on Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod region.
Advantageous geographical position of the Ivanovo region contributes to the development of internal and external economic and cultural ties. Passes through the important road, rail and inland waterways, connecting the eastern parts of the country. Mean distance from above the regional centers from Ivanov 105 km. Downtown location in the center of transportation and travel routes of the Golden Ring of Russia "distinguishes it from nearby cities.
The territory of Ivanovo is 104.5 square meters. km. The annual average resident population of Ivanovo is more than 500 000 people.
Ivanovo is the industrial hub of the region. Traditionally, in developing light and textile industry, construction industry, machine-building plants were built: cranes, textile machinery, machine tools, instrumentation, chemical plant, and others. Currently, the city recorded more than 16,500 business entities.
Successfully operate Ivanovo textile enterprises: JSC "Most Ivanovo manufactory", OAO "Zinoviev manufactory", OAO "Samteks" JSC, "Melange", OAO "Ivanovo new Manufactura. Ivanov fame as the textile region, continues to attract investors from other countries.
Ivanovo region is a region where the dynamically developing trade relations with more than 80 countries, 72 countries - a country importing its products. Ivanovo is always open for cooperation and partnership. To date, the partner cities Ivanov are: Hannover (Germany), Plano (U.S.), Staffordshire (UK), Lodz (Poland), Khmelnitsky (Ukraine)
Despite the high level of production, the city of Ivanovo has quite a high environmental rating, which is very important in modern conditions. He is among the most environmentally-friendly regions in Russia and had extensive recreational facilities, which include water, forests, landscapes and healing springs.

Investment climate in Ivanovo, due to the convenient geographical location, proximity to the far-reaching consumer markets in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, a saturated market for skilled labor can strengthen the economic position of the city.