About TDL-invest

TDL Invest is nowadays one of the biggest commercial real estate companies in Ivanovo oblast and neighbouring oblasts. The company manages industrial storage and office facilities which have an area of more than 260 000 square meters. The number of assets is still growing.

TDL Invest is a part of the TDL Association holding company. In 2005 TDL Association united more than 30 independent textile and industrial enterprises. They introduce into the Russian and foreign markets the production of Tomna (Kineshma) and Navtex (Navoloki) textile complexes, Krasnaya Talka factory (Ivanovo) and Kostroma Grand Linen Manufacture (Kostroma) where more than 8000 people are employed.

Logistics (TDL Terminal) and spots and entertainment industry (A-113, World Class Ivanovo) were developed successfully in the course of business diversification. Textile Profi Ivanovo, a large trade and exhibition center, is working and developing successfully.

TDL Invest belongs to the investment sector of the holding company. The company’s strategy is aimed at dealing with commercial and residential real estate, investment projects, buying and selling ongoing business and assets of industrial enterprises.

The cooperation with TDL Invest is carried out on terms of mutual benefit. The company is ready to consider variants of purchasing individual construction lots and residential, commercial, office, hotel, industrial and storage real estate at a reasonable price. Much attention is being paid to investing in high-yielding assets.

According to 2011 marketing results TDL Invest offers the lowest prices for all types of real estate and the prices for non-core assets and lots are considerably lower than market prices. The reason is that the company is the property owner itself.

Among real estate items realized by the company there are two biggest textile industrial and storage complexes situated on the bank of the Volga: Kostroma Grand Linen Manufacture and Kineshma Textile Manufacture. They are only 330 km from Moscow and have easy access to federal highways.


  • Low sales value
  • Convenient location
  • Unobstructed approach from all directions for full-size cars
  • Transport accessibility: cars, rail and river
  • Necessary communication tools
  • Cheap labour and skilled staff

The complexes are eminently suitable for textile industry. There is a possibility of redevelopment for investors. TDL Invest has a highly profitable business dealing with office, industrial and storage real estate with a reasonable pricing policy.